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Personality Grooming Courses

Business English

In this module, we help you understand your own personality. We help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can take confidence from the strengths and work upon your weaknesses. The objective of this module is to improve your inner traits like attitude, confidence and your perception of the world around you.

  • Advance Business Vocabulary & Phrases
  • Presentations & Flip overs
  • Business Terminology & Vocabulary
  • Business Communication & Public Speaking
  • Business Telephonic / Mails / Covering Letter
  • Business Negotiation & Etiquettes
  • BPO / Marketing / Retails / Hospitality / Aviation / Management

The methodology of the module is to first carry out SWOT Analysis for discovering your personality type for Inner & Outer Personality Development.

Duration  : 2 Months (4-6 Weeks )
Fee : Rs.9,500 /-

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Interview Techniques

The purpose of the interview is not limited to judging your knowledge, its about judging whether your personality fits into a particular job profile. Interviewers are more interested to see your confidence in your replies and your choice of words, they trick you but that is where you need to play your cards smartly.

At British Express, we prepare you and equip you with all the skills required to crack interviews . We not only train you for skills , we engage you in mock interview sessions which let you have an idea of real life interviews. We have customized training modules for specific needs.

Duration  : 4-6 Weeks
Fee :Rs. 6,500 /

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Language For Students Abroad

At British Express, we train you for the skills required to stand tall and be counted in the Group Discussions . Our approach is a bit different , we don’t train you to ape a particular style , instead we train you to be your own self when taking part in Group Discussions. We train you to be confident of your own point of view and present gracefully.

  • Institute Provides Special Spoken Hindi & Other Language Sessions for Students Abroad
  • Basic to advance grammar of foreign languages
  • Sessions will be conducted on weekends
  • It Helps in conversation and create understanding about fundamental of language

Duration  : 3 Month
Fee : Rs. 25,000 /-

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