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Job Oriented Modules

Customer Service Training

Customer Service is a buzzword nowadays. Every company is hiring dedicated staff to handle the issues related to customers . Customer Service is now a full fledged department in the companies. It could be telephonic , online or In person. In all the three mediums , you need to attend customers, providing solutions to their queries/problems/issues.

At British Express, this module is dedicated to skill set required to make you job ready for these job opportunities in the segment.

During this training program, you learn the concept of customer service , develop the various aspects of positive attitude, you learn to identify the needs of the customers, you also learn to handle difficult customers, Delivering customer service telephonically, on-line and In-person as well , and most interestingly, how to recover difficult customers as well.

Duration : 3 Months
Class Schedule :3 Days/Week, 2 Hours/Day

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