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About us

British Express is a premier institute where learning is the way of life . The institute is a place where the learning of English Language is the centre of everything . We have developed an environment where you can come and see yourself improve every day you spend with us.

Our leaning process is much more and beyond Teachers, Books and lectures . We believe that communication skills have different aspects like the objective to learn , your own personality , the environment around you , relating the learning to life . We work upon all these aspects .

We understand your objective of learning and mould our process so that learning results in the achievement of your goal. We have customized courses for your different needs be it Learning English for Life , or Preparing for Competitions, or English for your business purposes, or English for some specific jobs .

We help you work upon your personality so that you know your strengths and become a confident person and we work upon your weaknesses and help you overcome them.

The environment at British Express is such as learning becomes most important thing in your life. You are mentored by best faculty in the industry , you also get to use modern learning tools like our E – Learning Platform. Excellent Infrastructure entices you to come and stay .

At British Express , we also believe that learning serves no purpose if you are not able to use this learning in your life. Our extra curricular activities engage you in real life situations where you are able to use your learning and become confident in your life.

British Express is a unit of Career Pro Ventures Limited , an established public limited company in the field of education .

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