English Courses

Spoken English Programme

This program is for people who have little knowledge of English and hesitant to speak English. We aim to develop proficiency in English Language . We work upon your grammar , help you build your word power and groom your personality so that you not only have a rich knowledge but also a confident personality for effective communication.

The course has 4 modules : Basic Grammar + Vocabulary + Spoken English + Personality Development . These four modules work upon different aspects and lay a solid foundation of language .

The basic methodology of the course is to engage you in various activities which help you feel like real life situations . The courseware has been developed keeping the practical aspect of the learning .

Duration  : 10 - 12 Weeks
Fee :   Rs.5500 /-

Call : 09971555795, 09911985635
E-Mail : express.british@gmail.com

English For Competitive Exams

This program is meant for people who are preparing for any competitive exams like IAS/ IBPS / SSC / CAT / MAT or any other competitive exam where English is one of the subjects to be tested.

The aim of the program is to prepare you for the examination and help you score well so that your overall merit goes up.

The program follows the pattern of the various examinations and deliver accordingly . It works on basic grammatical errors , various forms of vocabulary usage , sentence building , comprehensions and précis writing as well.

The methodology of the course is exam centric. First few classes are a brush up of the basics of language and then one by one all the exam oriented topics are covered with practice of previous year examination papers.

Duration  : 4-6 weeks
Fee :  Rs. 5,500 /-

Call : 09971555795, 09911985635
E-Mail : express.british@gmail.com


At British Express , we prepare you for IELTS in a way that assures your success.

Following the pattern of the examination, All the four modules of Listening , Reading , Writing & Speaking are focused upon. For IELTS , you need to understand the areas where you will be tested and how the testing will be done. Once you are trained on those areas , you find it easy to crack the examination.

The methodology of the course is exam centric. All the four modules of the IELTS are worked upon. We start with Reading , and proceed with Writing module . Once these two modules are covered , we work upon Listening and wind up with the Speaking Module.

Duration  : 6 - 8 Weeks
Fee : Rs. 12,000 /-

Call :  09971555795, 09911985635
E-Mail :  express.british@gmail.com